Security & Software Projects

Cybersecurity certifications

2019: Alphabet soup: OSCP, Associate of (ISC)2 (CISSP exam completed), Stanford ACSC

Initial SDR tinkering

2019: Coinventor on patent #10,377,345 thanks to novel car sharing work at GM

Initial SDR tinkering

2018: RTL-SDR tinkering & received General class HAM radio license as KE8KLN

Webgoat open source project

2018: Assisted WebGoat open source web app security project by publishing majority of exploits

A simple and insecure RSA implementation

2013: Simple, insecure RSA implementation to demonstrate algorithm's mathematical workings

iRobot Roomba with Kinect using the ROS RGBDSlam algorithm

2012: Modified the ROS RGBDSlam algorithm in an effort to build an autonomous indoor mapping platform

Hardware Projects

Electric mountainboard

2015: Electric mountainboard, the majority of which was built in an 8-hour sprint

Custom quadcopter with 3-axis protective gimbal

2015: Custom quadcopter with 3-axis gimbal, allowing for power-saving rolling and protection

2015 Columbia Formula SAE car

2013-15: System Lead and Chief Engineer for a Formula SAE team - worked on tires, intake, exhaust, driveline, and more

Second custom-built quadcopter with folding frame

2014: Second custom-built quadcopter, with a foldable carbon fiber and 3-D printed frame

AIAA custom plane

2014: Electronics System Lead of AIAA team, determining the ideal battery/motor/prop powertrain combo

Printrbot Plus kit build

2013: Built a Printrbot Plus from a kit, then manually calibrated to a functional state

Personal Projects

Half & Full marathon times

Half and full marathon personal bests


Long time tournament chess player of Class A to Expert strength

Cessna 172

10 flight hours into my long-time dream to fly